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Captured Soul Photography

Escape into adventure. – Whether you’re booking an incredible wedding adventure for just the two of you or with an entourage of your family and friends, a destination wedding is truly just more than getting married in the sun – it’s an amazing week-long experience that you will remember and cherish forever.

A week to enjoy without worries or stress. Destination weddings are meant to take the stress away with the tide. Your experienced wedding planner is preparing all of the details so you can simply be present and enjoy every moment… Unlike your wedding planner however, most resort photographers do not have the experience or artistry to capture the full extent of your week in paradise. To truly capture the soul of your adventure together, most brides & grooms are now including their chosen photographer as a guest for the week and in turn, receiving truly unforgettable images that will enhance your memories for years to come.


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Narrow your choices down.
  • Try to narrow your choices down to about three destinations or resorts. We recommend using the "Destination "search on our site  to see what type of packages are available. Once you do that check with your travel provider to see if those destinations are easy to travel to at the time of year you would like to go. ( Many destinations have a high and low season, during some of the lower seasons flight service may be reduced or stop completely).
Packing Check List

Packing Check List

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