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What is Trash the Dress Anyway?
I think back to the first time I heard this expression and cringed, the thought of my beautiful white gown being destroyed by some ugly stepsisters flashed in mind (Poor Cinderella). Of course this couldn't’t be farther from the truth and once you see the beautiful images that can be created with this once in a life time opportunity, you too may opt for a trash the dress session.
Trash the dress, rock the frock and fearless bridal as it is known, is art of wearing your wedding dress or formal wear in an unusual setting or environment and having a photo shoot with a professional photographer. (Make sure they are professionals if you are going to trash that beautiful gown).
The results can be absolutely breathtaking, and the possibilities endless. A beautiful beach, dense jungle, ancient ruins, and even underwater are places you may want to consider. Make sure you are working with a photographer who knows what they are doing and has experience in this field.
We asked Stacey of Photography by Stacey why you should consider a trash the dress photography shoot.

“Trash-the-Dress” sessions are an alternative photography session for an alternative look.  Consider it an edgy fashion shoot where you get to “play model” in your wedding dress while frolicking in the ocean.  You will never wear your dress again, so why not seal the celebration with an ultra creative photo session?  TTD sessions in destination are not only limited to the ocean, but the white sandy shores and palm trees will be utilized for this innovative photo shoot as well. 
Are you a rebel?  If so, ask your photographer to do underwater pool photographs to finalize the celebration of your dress.

If you are planning a destination wedding you should at least talk to a photographer who specializes in Destination Wedding photography, you have nothing to lose by talking to them. Richard Emmanuel of Richard Emmanuel photography insists that one of biggest regrets we hear form brides are that they missed out on this opportunity.   
A destination wedding does not have to be on a tropical island for a Trash the Dress session, opportunities are all around us, It could be a cool urban scene, a forest or cottage. Last year Manuela Stefan of Manuela Stefan photography who is known for capturing the moment shot a wedding in Prince Edward Island Canada and said it was one of the most beautiful settings she has ever seen.
It’s really your choice whether or not you can trash that beautiful dress you love so much, once you see the work of the above mentioned photographers you will more than likely change your mind. If anything it’s a good excuse to wear your dress one more time.

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